Industrial Look Chandeliers

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Industrial-Look Chandelier

What is the "industrial look”? For many years, it wasn’t considered a design style, but simply encompassed the types of fixtures created for workplaces. However, once design houses realized the appeal of furniture and lighting fixtures with a stripped-down, utilitarian look, industrial "chic” became a staple. This modern style has been gaining traction for several years and it continues to be popular with homeowners in every income bracket. The industrial look has an unpretentious vibe that makes it the perfect choice for those who appreciate the union of form and function.
The essence of industrial style is that each piece is distilled down to its essence; no unnecessary details, no flourishes or frills. Watchwords to describe this style include timeless, neutral and simple. Materials are also integral; the look finds beauty in aged woods combined with forged or welded metal. Pieces are often made of reclaimed and repurposed elements or modest raw materials, making it possible to create industrial look fixtures in various price ranges. Distressed leather, weathered wood and metals with a patina, such as tin, iron and steel are all used extensively for industrial look pieces.
Examples of furniture pieces might include an iron and aged pine table, curtain rods or towel rods made of metal pipe, or shelves made from antique brackets and reclaimed board. Creative industrial look chandeliers are among the best exemplars of the style.
Some people embrace the industrial style wholeheartedly, while others add one or two elements as accents. Pairing industrial pieces with more formal elements creates a casual elegance.

Choosing a Fixture

Different materials, shapes and styles of lighting fixtures can give your home an industrial chic look. A square, iron chandelier is perfect for a large kitchen. A chandelier composed of many bulbs attached to a repurposed steel bar works well as a dining room table chandelier. Circular designs are also common for kitchen/dining areas and can be used in entryways, hallways, bedrooms and other spaces. Some industrial chic light fixtures use a sleek, minimalist approach, while others have a retro or vintage feel. Fixtures vary in size, shape, colour and intensity.
Light fixtures are like jewellery – they can dress up a room, and a chandelier is an attention-getter, no matter what the style. Take advantage of this to set the feeling for a room or space. Before choosing, decide whether the fixture is meant to provide general light, light for a specific area or just add to the ambient light, with a mainly decorative purpose.

Shopping for Chandeliers

You could go to local showrooms and search for a light fixture that way. Sometimes staff can be informative; sometimes seeing various types of fixtures can help you make a decision regarding style. But visiting showrooms takes time, and even if you spend a significant amount of time, you’ll only see a fraction of the products available. If you already know that you want an industrial style fixture, the internet is a great resource.
Look for a Canadian online retailer that specializes in lighting products. These merchants offer a selection of light fixtures from around the world. Shop on your own time, comparing prices and designs from the comfort of the living room couch.
Bring light and style to your home with an industrial look chandelier!